• How do we talent spot from our recreational classes?
    The Recreational Coaches are in constant communication with our Elite coaches. Should a place in the Elite squads become available, we will work together to ensure it is filled by the best candidate. Any gymnast showing extreme talent may be introduced to Elite coaches to try to enable this transition. We have around 150 Elite gymnasts and over 1100 recreational gymnasts so only a select number of gymnasts can be invited to move to the elite gym.
  • My child wants to do more gymnastics, what can you offer?
    Currently we have 3 intermediate groups of advanced recreational gymnasts. We are working to create more opportunities but the majority of our classes are 1 hour and follow the same structure. It is worth mentioning to your coaches if your child would be interested in more so if a place becomes available we can offer it to a waiting list of gymnasts. We would recommend starting a second class as different coaches put a different spin on the lesson plan and no 2 sessions are the same.
  • If my child completes the Award Scheme levels, can they go to an Elite Squad?
    The Award Scheme system is designed to reward children for their continued progress and effort in a difficult sport. It is not used as a measure of talent and has no bearing on Elite Squad selection.