Women’s Artistic Gymnastics remains one of biggest crowd pleasers and most watched sports at the Olympic Games. Its fascination and popularity amongst girls of all ages lies in its ability to provide constant challenge and teach body control, co-ordination, amplitude and courage. The Women’s Artistic squad have been hugely successful this year boasting County, Regional, National and International results. We have Regional and National squad members. Women’s Artistic is managed by Head of Discipline, and also Director of Coaching Natalie Reeve, alongside senior coaches Kate Peckett , Claire Stevens, Dawn Farrey, David Drablow and choreographer Chloe East  . We are also very lucky to have Bernadette Baigrie, a past Pinewood International gymnast as our Choreographer to our elite gymnasts.

The Pinewood Women’s Artistic Squad have been successful for many years at county, regional, national and international levels. Olympian Lizzie Line, who competed at Athens 2004 was a past member of Pinewood.

At Pinewood we have a full international standard floor area, four competition balance beams, three bar stations and a vaulting station. When developing skills women’s artistic also make use of our foam filled safety landing areas, sunken trampolines into pit and u-shaped pit. We also have a dance floor with mirrors and bar.