Pre-Teen and Teen Gymnastics is a modern form of gymnastics that has become the latest craze amongst teenagers and young adults. Teen Gym will enable participants to adapt various traditional gymnastic elements and use them in a variety of different ways. It allows participants to express gymnastics in a very free and individual manner.

Teen Gymnastics – the latest craze amongst teenagers and young adults, allowing participants to express gymnastics in a free and individual manner

Pre-Teen and Teen gymnastics classes are on Wednesday and Thursday Evenings: We have now introduced a telephone booking system for these classes. It is not mandatory, but it will secure a place for that evening’s class. Call us on 01344 773237 after 12.00pm on the day you wish to attend.

Please note that the 8.30pm Wednesday class will need to be paid for at time of booking over the phone as the office closes at 8.30pm. Simply ring up on the day from 12.30pm to register in the class. Limited places are available and parents should not leave their child until a place is secured and paid for. We cannot take responsibility for children who are left at the club and unable to join in the session.

After your first session, if you wish to continue you will be required to pay for British Gymnastics insurance, which is currently £17 per year.

Teen Gym Class Timetable

Download the Teen Gym Class Timetable or expand the sections below to view what classes we are running on what days

  • Wednesday

    19:30-20:30 — 8-12yrs, £5

    20:30-21:30 — 12-16yrs, £5

  • Thursday

    19:30-20:30 — 8-14yrs, £5